How it Works

VDO represents a new generation of creators. We work with extraordinary artists, models and influencers from around the world who inspire and delight their fans daily.

Creators submit their profile to promote their profile and works, and fans in the VDO community vote up creators. Only the most popular creators make it to the front page.

Brands use the platform to discover and connect with emerging creators, so they can advertise jobs, products and sponsorship opportunities.

Areas of Influence


Digital creators, models, influencers and podcasters continually pushing the envelope of entertainment online.


From the east to the west, to K-Pop and Hip Hop, we work with musicians and DJs across all musical genres.


Professional sports players, broadcasters and athletes, as well as fitness, wellness, or extreme sports personalities.


Actors, writers, directors, producers, financiers and distributors, independents, production companies and film festivals.


Writers, directors, actors, producers, and showrunners focused on premium episodic entertainment across all platforms.


Market leading CEOs, marketers, real estate professionals, politicians, investors and authors covering leadership, strategy, organizational dynamics and psychology.


Award winning Chefs, restauranteurs, bartenders, mixologists and food critics covering the best of hospitality, food and beverage.

Real Estate & Design

Architects, brokers, agents, investors, builders, furniture manufacturers, and hospitality, interior or landscape designers that exist to create spectacular environments and living spaces.


Securities traders, hedge funds, analysts, registered investment advisors, and cryptocurrency gurus with a track record of reporting and trading on the market.

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